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12 ASU and U of A Draft Prospects In The 2011 NFL Draft

Amongst all the uncertainty swirling around the NFL this offseason, it's nice to know with confidence that the 2011 NFL Draft will take place. It's also nice to know that the draft will feature several players from our wonderful Arizona, even though we may be sad to see them go. This year's draft, according to two ESPN Draft Insider reports, will feature 12 athletes total from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona.

Here's a look at all 12 prospects:

Arizona Defensive End Brooks Reed

Brooks has an overall grade of 77, which places him in the Solid Prospect range from 70-79. He is ranked 12th out of 92 total defensive ends, and is projected to be picked around the third round.

Arizona State Defensive Tackle Lawrence Guy

Guy has an overall grade of 61, placing him as a Good Prospect. He is ranked 13th out of 101 defensive tackles in this upcoming draft, and is projected to go in the fourth round.

Arizona Defensive End D'Andre Reed

Reed will be another Arizona defensive end, alongside teammate Brooks Reed (detailed above) in this draft. He has an overall grade of 44, which puts him in the Borderline Draft Prospect category. He is ranked 22nd out of 92 defensive ends, which places him ten players back of Brooks Reed on the defensive end list.

Arizona Defensive End Rick Elmore

Elmore rounds out the trifecta of Arizona defensive backs with an overall grade of 43, which positions him 23rd (just behind D'Andre Reed) out of 92 defensive ends. He is also a Borderline Draft Prospect. If D. Reed or Elmore are not picked up in the late rounds of this year's draft, they will have to test free agency to secure a team.

Arizona State Place Kicker Thomas Weber

Weber has an overall grade of 42 and is ranked 3rd out of 28 punter prospects in the draft.

Arizona Offensive Tackle Adam Grant

Grant has an overall grade of 40. He is ranked 17th out of 76 total offensive tackles.

Arizona Punter Keenyn Crier

Crier ranks 5th amongst 25 kickers with an overall grade of 30.

Arizona State Punter Trevor Hakins

Hankins, also with a grade of 30, ranks just one spot behind Crier as the sixth out of the 25 kickers in the draft.

Arizona State Inside Linebacker Gerald Munns

Munns has an overall grade of 30 and ranks 32nd out of 65 io the inside linebacker positional ranks.

Arizona Center Colin Baxter

Collins has a grade of 30 and ranks 17th out of the 31 centers in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Arizona Running Back Nicolas Gigbsy

Grigbsy enters the relatively deep field of running backs by just making the top-third of the running back rankings. He is ranked 32nd out of 96 running backs with an overall grade of 30.

Arizona Wide Receiver Delashaun Dean

Dean also has a ranking of 30, and he just manages to make the top half of the 2011 wide receiver draft prospects. He is projected 78th out of 179 wide receiver prospects.

In addition to all of these prospects, SB Nation Arizona's very own Dontay Moch will also be in this year's draft. Here's a look at his profile:

Nevada Wolfpack Outside Linebacker Dontay Moch 

Moch checks in with an overall grade of 74, and he ranks seventh amongst the 106 total outside linebackers in this year's draft. Like Arizona's Brooks Reed above, Moch is classified as a Solid Prospect and is projected to be drafted in the third round.