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Ray Horton Back In, Is Favorite For Cardinals DC Job

As Tuesday afternoon went by, a flurry of tweets had everyone following the Arizona Cardinals coaching situation confused and intrigued. This was a stark change from the previous month, which was more or less nothing but speculation. The Steelers and the Packers are mentioned. But it appears that now things have calmed that there is a clear favorite -- Ray Horton.

The day went like this:

First, the Cardinals asked the Packers and the Steelers permission to speak with Winston Moss and Keith Butler.

Next, Ray Horton was said to be coming to the Valley.

Then, despite nothing officially from the teams, we heard that Horton was going to be the guy and that the Steelers denied permission to interview Butler, despite previous reports saying they would likely not block Arizona.

Soon after that was reported that Horton was headed to Dallas to take the same job he has as defensive backs coach for the Cowboys.

Not long afterwards it is confirmed that Butler was blocked and the report that Horton was taking the job in Dallas was clarified to say that he had an offer in Dallas and an offer here to be DC of the Cardinals.

What we are pretty sure of now is that Horton is going to be in the Valley tomorrow and that he will likely be the new defensive coordinator.

As for why he has a job offer even before a real interview? Ken Whisenhunt coached three years with him in Pittsburgh. He runs the Dick LeBeau defensive schemes and although he has not been a DC before, he has coached in the NFL for ten years.

If this indeed is what occurs, it is yet another cog in the Cardinals machine that comes from the Pittsburgh pipeline. While many may be growing tired of this (myself included, to some extent), this hire is definitely one that makes sense. Horton is a coordinator from a system that was the number two defense in the NFL and has been to the Super Bowl twice in the past three seasons. It is hard to say that Horton is a bad choice.

We will know soon enough and then we will have to find something else to discuss, like quarterbacks and draftees and the CBA.