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All Signs Point To Butler To Be Cardinals DC

As the Super Bowl approaches and the Green bay Packers and Pittsburgh prepare for the game that will either elevate Ben Roethlisberger to potential Hall of Fame status or place Aaron Rodgers firmly into the hearts of Packer fans as their quarterback and cast off any last memory of Brett Favre. However, one of the side stories has been that of the Steelers defensive staff.

The Cardinals have been long rumored to be waiting to interview Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler for their vacant defensive coordinator position. He is a guy who is close with Ken Whisenhunt, he runs the Dick LeBeau defensive schemes and he is primed to move into that position.

While Todd Bowles impressed Whisenhunt in his interview, it is apparent that Whiz has been waiting to see if he will have a shot at Butler.

Jason LaCanfora from NFL Network is reporting that since Dick LeBeau is planning on returning for the 2011 season, the Steelers are likely to allow Butler to interview for the Cardinals job if he should desire to do so.

So if Butler wants to interview, he will be allowed. The question, though, will be what the Cardinals front offer can offer.

Butler was paid very well to stay on in Pittsburgh. How much? Who knows? But will the Cardinals front office make Butler an offer that is worth his while and will they commit to bringing in defensive talent. Butler himself stated he likes Pittsburgh and how they seek out and obtain talent to use.

It looks like as sure a thing as any. If Butler wants to interview, he will be allowed to do so. If the Cardinals make him a good offer on contract and if  the team can convince him  that it is willing to bring in the players and talent he wants to work with, then it looks like finally Butler could be Whisenhunt's guy.

If this indeed does pan out, the pressure will be firmly on Whisenhunt for defensive production. He has already gone through two coordinators, but Butler is the guy he has wanted from day one. If this does not work out, then fans should be expected to question his philosophy, eye for talent and/or decisions in staffing.