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NFL Combine And CBA Overshadows Larry Fitzgerald Contract Negotiations

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The Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the league are in Indianapolis wrapping up the NFL Combine this week but meanwhile the looming March 3 deadline for the current CBA is the bigger issue facing the team. GM Rod Graves told the Arizona Republic that discussions with superstar wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald continue, but an agreement seems unlikely before the lockout that would begin on Thursday, March 3.

"Obviously the window is getting shorter in terms of us being able to close something before the end of the (league) year," Graves told the Republic.

The deadline for this round of negotiations isn't a huge issue, since Fitzgerald is under contract for one more season. And while the Cardinals and their fans would love to see an extension in place as soon as possible, there will be more time once the NFL labor issues are settled.

Meanwhile, at the NFL Combine players are continuing their workouts for the scouts, front office personnel and media in preparation for a draft that may or may not take place on time depending on the CBA status. One big thing to look for this week on that front is the union filing for decertification.

The players must file to decertify the NFLPA before Thursday or be forced to wait an additional six months. Once the union is gone, the players are free to sue the NFL on anti-trust grounds. It's a complicated process but one that would signal a major escalation in the battle between the two sides. Lets hope it doesn't come to that.

As for the Cardinals draft and quarterback prospects, Republic beat writer Kent Somers speculates that the team might pass on a quarterback with their number five pick and instead target pass rusher, Von Miller. The team would then hope to fill the QB slot in free agency or through a trade and try and land Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton, or Marc Bulger.

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