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Cardinals Promote Mike Miller To Offensive Coordinator

The Arizona Cardinals made a move in what seems to round out their coaching staff moves. Ken Whisenhunt promoted Mike Miller, who had previously been the passing game coordinator, to be the offensive coordinator.

To the relief of many fans, this likely means the end of Ken Whisenhunt calling plays, although Whiz had delegated play-calling duties to Miller at some point during the season. His belief is to allow his coaches to grow in responsibility just as Bill Cowher allowed him to do over time.

So, for those who believe that the head coach should not worry about calling plays during the game, you should be happy. The bigger issue to worry about is  the actual play-calling. Many of us questioned the playcalling for much of the year and Whisenhunt was not the guy always doing it. So the same criticism that Whiz took may and can be shifted to Miller.

The Cardinals will be holding a press conference this afternoon (Wednesday) at 1:30 AZT to announce the changes that have been made in the coaching staff. You will be able to watch the press conference streaming live.