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Kevin Kolb Week 13 Fantasy Update

The Arizona Cardinals picked up a huge upset win on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

Quarterback Kevin Kolb made his return to the Cardinals for the first time since Week 8 following his bout with turf toe, and turned in a solid game, helping the offense along throughout the game.

Kolb racked up some numbers that perhaps look better than he performed. He finished with 247 passing yards and 20 rushing yards, going 16-for-25 with a touchdown and no interceptions. He'll be remembered for his screen pass to LaRod Stephens-Howling that ended up being the game-winning touchdown.

Kolb was extremely inaccurate throughout the first half and looked as if he held the ball too long the entire game. He doesn't figure to be a very effective choice next week, going up against the San Francisco 49ers and their punishing defense.

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