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LaRod Stephens-Howling Game-Winning Ironic Screen Play Touchdown (VIDEO)

Arizona Cardinals fans know what LaRod Stephens-Howling can do. As coach Ken Whisenhunt said, great things sometimes come in small packages and "The Hyphen" once again used his speed to break a big play.

In this case, the 52-yard touchdown play that won the game for the Arizona Cardinals in overtime was a combination of many factors and in the end was a "total team effort" as they like to say.

The play call from offensive coordinator Mike Miller was a designed screen to take advantage of the pressure he anticipated from the Dallas Cowboys. Stephens-Howling read the pressure correctly and Kolb was able elude the rush and hold the ball long enough for him to get open.

From there, a combination of great down field blocking by FB Anthony Sherman on the inside and WR Andre Roberts on the outside opened a lane for the speedy back. Even offensive lineman Daryn College threw a block 40 yards from the line of scrimmage.

"I saw guys blocking. I saw red jerseys and they were working hard for me to get there and I definitely appreciate that," Stephens-Howling said about the play.

WR Larry Fitzgerald, who was also throwing blocks on the play, mentioned the irony of the Cardinals winning the game on a screen play.

"We always joke around about the screen game not being as good as we want it to be. When we needed it most, we were able to get it done," Fitzgerald said.

Cardinals fans will appreciate the irony of a screen pass winning the game given the team's notorious history with that play. Here's the video of the touchdown.