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Kevin Kolb Still Having Concussion Symptoms, Long Term Health Discussed

Kevin Kolb was limited in practice on Wednesday as the Arizona Cardinals prepare for their final game of the 2011 season. Technically, he could still play on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks and it's unlikely there will be an official decision until the morning before the game. In reality, it's highly unlikely that he will go given what we heard from Kolb after practice.

"I didn't do too much. I'm limited in the meetings and out here (on the practice field). Did some other stuff yesterday, ran some tests, showed there's a reason for some of the symptoms I've had. Nothing serious, but something I can't play with," Kolb said

The lingering symptoms from the hit he suffered in the 49ers game over two weeks ago prompted a trip to the doctor on Tuesday. He had a full exam and met with the neurologist. The tests showed that he is still slow with some "reaction stuff and processing stuff" from the baseline test conducted before the season.

Kolb reported this concussion is worse than his last when he was back to normal within five or six days. That brings up concerns about his long term health going forward and what that might mean for the team.

"No," Kolb said when asked if was worried about lasting impacts. "I had that conversation with the neurologist yesterday and he thinks with some rest and getting away from the game for a little bit, probably within two or three weeks I'll feel a lot better."

Coach Ken Whisenhunt agreed that he had no reason to be concerned about this injury having lasting implications for the Cardinals.

"I don't think there's any kind of studies that says that that's the case. I personally haven't thought along those lines and I don't know that we have and I don't think that there's any indication that would be the case."

Larry Fitzgerald weighed in as well with a very practical and rational opinion on Kolb's status:

"At this point we're not playing for a playoff position, why take the risk of doing any further damage? We get a whole offseason and get him back to ready and pick it up from next year. John has done a good job leading us the last few games we played and we're confident in his ability and that he can lead us to a win."

Other Cardinals updates:

Kerry Rhodes didn't practice due to an ankle injury suffered in the game Saturday. The injury was not related to his previous foot surgery. Patrick Peterson (Achilles) will be evaluated further and could practice and play this week although in my opinion, it seems doubtful. Brandon Keith (knee) also did not practice.

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