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2012 NFL Pro Bowl Rosters: Cardinals Bring Excitement To Game With Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson

The Arizona Cardinals may get overlooked at times by the national media being nestled out in the deserts of the southwest, but the franchise will bring some serious firepower to the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl. With Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson (and Adrian Wilson) on their way to Hawaii, the NFC can expect to have some serious playmakers on their side of the field.

For Fitzgerald, there may not be a more consistent wide receiver on the planet right now. Despite lining up alongside a new quarterback seemingly every season, the veteran of eight seasons recored 1,000+ receiving yards for the fifth straight year and hauled in eight touchdown passes. Still capable of spreading a defense and making plays down the field, Fitzgerald will be a big target for the NFC quarterbacks.

Patrick Petersen has wowed the football world in his first season, breaking away for numerous touchdowns on kick and punt returns. With his incredible speed and elusiveness, look for Peterson to provide fireworks in the Pro Bowl should he be able to play.

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