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NFL Playoff Picture: Arizona Cardinals Battling For NFC Wildcard Spot With Falcons, Lions, Others

The Arizona Cardinals have propelled themselves into the NFC playoff race, although they'll need a lot of help if they hope to reach the postseason. With a record of 7-7, the Cardinals are currently tied with the Seahawks, Bears, and Giants and sit two games back of the Falcons (9-5) and Lions (9-5). Arizona cannot win their division with the 49ers already clinching the NFC West.

With just two games left, the Cardinals are eliminated from the playoffs if either the Falcons or Lions win in the next two weeks. Atlanta faces New Orleans on Monday night, while the Lions face the Chargers in week 16. A victory from either team would give them 10 wins, a number Arizona cannot reach.

As for the teams tied with the Cardinals, the Seahawks host the 49ers this week, the Bears travel to Green Bay for Sunday Night Football, and the Giants travel across town to face the Jets. All three of the Cardinals' main competition for the wild card birth will be underdogs in week 16, which could be big for the team.

If the Cardinals lose either of their two remaining games, the team is eliminated regardless of what happens around the league.

Who To Cheer For: Saints, Chargers, Packers, Jets, 49ers.

Who To Root Against: The Falcons and Lions are the two big teams here. Either of them win and a playoff spot is eliminated for Arizona. A loss from the Seahawks, Giants and Bears would help greatly as well.