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John Skelton Vs. Kevin Kolb: The Great Debate Rages

It is a question that Ken Whisenhunt cannot escape. Kevin Kolb or John Skelton? Who will start for the Cardinals on Saturday against the Bengals. Most NFL pundits say if you have two quarterbacks you have no quarterback and that is exactly what the Cardinals have. Two quarterbacks. 

In one corner we have John Skelton, who is 4-1 as a starter and alongside an improving defense has led the Cardinals resurgence over the second half of the season. In the other corner we have Kevin Kolb, who the Cardinals spent a lot to get and then spent a lot to make him "their man."

Both players and the entire team have been downplaying the situation all week.

"Overall, as an entire team we've been playing really well lately," said Skelton. "No matter who's at quarterback, whether it's Kevin or me, I know that the offense and the entire team is really going to rally around either one of us."

"Either guy in there we're comfortable with them. We've won with both of them. Whoever is going to play, we're going to go out there and support them and give it all we got," said Larry Fitzgerald (who has caught 5 of his 7 TD receptions from Skelton). 

The most pressing issue in this decision for Whisenhunt is Kolb's health. Last Sunday, Whisenhunt said Kolb was bothered by the noise and lighting in the stadium. If Kolb is not 100% I do not believe that Whisenhunt will play him.

Whisenhunt doesn't believe in starters losing their jobs because of injury, however Whisenhunt also owes it to the fans and more importantly the team to play the quarterback that gives the Cardinals the best chance to win. The time for Kolb to "get his feet wet and get reps" is over. 

Fans will likely not know who the quarterback will be on Saturday until at least Friday and most likely Saturday morning as Whisenhunt usually keeps these type of things close to the vest.

If both are healthy, who would you start?


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