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Arizona Cardinals Injury Report: Kevin Kolb Still Having Symptoms From Concussion, Limited In Practice

Wednesday was a disappointment for those of us hoping to get through a week of Arizona Cardinals football practice without having to hear about Kevin Kolb's head to toe health. Of course, it's not nearly as disappointing for us as it is for him as he enters another week of practice officially limited with his status for the weekend's game very much up in the air.

"To have one of the better halves (against Dallas) that I've had and to be set back again for this, and it's something you can't mess around with, it's very frustrating, I'm not going to lie. What are you going to do? You just come to work and hope to get better and keep working hard," Kolb said on Wednesday.

He said he split the reps in practice with John Skelton and that he felt "pretty good" after experiencing sensitivity to light and sound as recently as Sunday. Kolb reported having a "few symptoms this morning, but nothing much" and that he felt better than he did last week after being knocked out of the game against the 49ers with a concussion. 

"He looked good. It's still a process," coach Ken Whisenhunt said about Kolb.

The next step will be to see how he responds and how much he can practice on Thursday. Right now, as of Wednesday, the general feeling in the media room is that Skelton will start on Saturday in Cincinnati but that's just a guess.

A better question might be if Kolb would start even if he is healthy. Whisenhunt was vague when asked that question, "We'll see. I don't have to make that decision right now, do I?"

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