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Cardinals Vs. Bengals Odds: Cincinnati Favored By Just Over A Field Goal

The Arizona Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals face off in a matchup of two teams trying to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The Cincinnati Bengals and the Arizona Cardinals are both fighting hard for a final playoff spot. Cincinnati is neck-and-neck with the New York Jets to try and gain the sixth seed in the AFC wild-card race; any slip up by the Jets means the Bengals could lose it all. Arizona trails both the Atlanta Falcons and the Detroit Lions by two games, so their margin for error is much narrower.

Cincinnati will be playing at home this week against Arizona, so it's not a huge surprise they're the ones Vegas believes will be the victors. Oddsshark lists the Bengals as 4 to 4.5 point favorites. Many factors could be coming into play; the Cardinals will be out in the elements instead of playing in the relative comfort of a dome, plus the fact that Cincinnati has a much greater shot at making it to the playoffs. The Cardinals are still in a toss-up game though, because neither offense is probably overpowering enough to take control of this contest. Arizona

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