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Patrick Peterson Overtime Punt Return Video Replay, Did He Signal Fair Catch?

Patrick Peterson did it again. No, he didn't return a punt for what would be a NFL record fifth time but he did go 32 yards to put the Arizona Cardinals in position to win the game in overtime against the Cleveland Browns. Browns head coach Pat Shurmur, however, thought there might have been some hanky panky on the play.

"We had a guy down in his face and you know were were trying to kick the ball out of bounds or try to pin him down there and the guy in his face thought we saw the fair catch (signal). So, that being the case, you circle behind him. Of course, that was not the case so that got someone immediately out of the way," Shurmur said after the game.

Video replay of the punt return doesn't show it that way. There was no overhead wave by Peterson. There was no Browns player "in his face" and there was no one that circled behind him.

There was Patrick Peterson doing his thing which, as Larry Fitzgerald explains, is making plays in pressure situations.

"The thing you love about Patrick (Peterson) is that he wants the opportunity to make the play. He wants the pressure on his shoulders, and there aren't a lot of guys like that...You have a few guys when it hits the fan, they want the ball in their hands, they want the ball to be thrown to them, they want to be the guy covering the man, they want that pressure. He's one of those guys," Fitzgerald said about Peterson, and he should know one of those guys when he sees one.

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