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NFL Playoff Picture: Cardinals Still Have Slim Chance Of Making Postseason

As the Arizona Cardinals get set for their Week 15 game against the Cleveland Browns, they still have a chance at making it to the postseason, if only for one more week.

As things currently stand -- and you can check out the complete postseason picture over at ESPN --Arizona stands just two wins behind a potential Wild Card berth into the playoffs. Unfortunately, that means they also stand two losses behind a handful of teams that they will not be playing for the rest of the season. For the last three games of the 2011 NFL season, the Cardinals will need to win, win, win and hope that the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks lose, lose, lose.

Regarding the Seahawks, that team currently holds a tiebreak advantage over Arizona, but the two teams will face off in the final game of the season at University of Phoenix Stadium. To make that game mean that much, however, the Cardinals will have to win against the Browns and Bengals and hope that the other teams ahead of them in the playoff race go into an end-of-the-year skid. It seems like a tall order, but stranger things have happened. Arizona is riding on the momentum of two big upset wins and are playing some weak teams for the last three weeks of 2011. For the moment, anything is possible.

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