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Cardinals Vs. Browns Injury Update: Kolb And McCoy Both Dealing With Concussion Questions

The Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns both face questions regarding the status of their starting quarterbacks as they prepare for their Sunday game at University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. Kevin Kolb was knocked out of the Cardinals last game when he took an inadvertent knee to the back of his head on the first offensive possession. McCoy suffered a concussion in the Browns game against the Pittsburgh Steelers after this helmet-to-helmet hit by James Harrison. Harrison received a one-game suspension for the play. 

Kolb reported feeling "not right" after the hit and was evaluated by the Cardinals medical staff and was subsequently held out of the rest of the game. McCoy, however, was allowed to check back into the game after the Browns trainers cleared him.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur said that had he known McCoy was hurt and had suffered a concussion, he would not have been allowed back in the game. He said it's very difficult to make a judgment on an injury just based on a collision on the field. According to Shurmur, McCoy's concussion symptoms didn't show up until later.

Kolb shed some light on how that can happen when he explained that his symptoms also worsened with time as the adrenaline from the game wore off. 

On Wednesday, McCoy was sent home from the Brown's facility after he was evaluated by the staff. He is considered day-to-day for Sunday's game. If he can't go, veteran backup QB Seneca Wallace would get the start.

Kevin Kolb reported feeling better and said that he did participate in practice but in a limited manner. 

"The symptoms are down. It's just a matter of making sure they're down long enough to where I can get out there and be in full speed, full action. It's a touchy subject and we want to make sure we err on the right side," Kolb said.

Kolb will try and do more on Thursday and "get back out there as soon as possible." He's obviously frustrated at having to come out of the game Sunday and is anxious to play but at the same time he understands the seriousness of a brain injury and vowed to be completely honest with the medical staff about his health.

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