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Kevin Kolb Concussion Update: Arizona Cardinals QB Playing It Safe

The Arizona Cardinals might be creeping back into the playoff hunt. But will they have their top quarterback leading them back to the January spotlight?

At the moment, it's a bit unclear. Kolb suffered another concussion this week, and even though the symptoms were ok for him, he might not be so keen on returning to action of things go just a little awry. Darren Urban reports from the Arizona Cardinals website.

Quarterback Kevin Kolb, during his weekly radio interview on XTRA 910, said his "symptoms are pretty good" Tuesday, and hopes to be able to be cleared for Sunday against Cleveland.

But Kolb, who said he has had two "major" concussions in his career, clearly is going to be smart after suffering a concussion against the 49ers.

"This is obviously something you don’t mess with," Kolb said. "We need our minds fresh as we go on through life. I’ll will push to be out there but also be honest with how I feel."

If you look at the situation of the Cardinals, it makes sense for Kolb to be extra cautious. Arizona is at 6-7 and are very much longshots to capture one of the two NFC wild-card bids. Kolb needs to be careful about rushing back to action if he's not fully healed, particularly since he has a history of head injuries. John Skelton has proven to be a capable backup and could go into action this week if needed.

Audio of the Kolb interview can be found here, at the XTRA 910 web site.

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