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Cardinals Vs. 49ers Score Update: Arizona Defense Allows No TDs, Cards Trail 12-7

After a being dominated in the first quarter, leading to a 6-0 deficit, the Arizona Cardinals defense is doing its job against the San Francisco 49ers. They have not allowed the 49ers to score a touchdown, but still the Cardinals trail 12-7 at halftime, thanks to four field goals off the foot of David Akers

The Cardinals offense, outside of one play, has been unable to do anything. They have held the ball on offense less than eight minutes and, outside of their one scoring play, have gained only 37 yards. 

The Cardinals did get one huge jolt of momentum in the second quarter. After a third down reception by Kyle Williams that was short of a first down, San Francisco lined up for a 50-yard field goal. They ran a fake and completed a pass that would have been for a first down, but the play was called dead because Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt had thrown his challenge flag to contest the catch. Because of an equipment malfunction, there was no replay available, so they did not get charged a time out and retain their challenge. The call would have been upheld, but it eliminated the fake play. 

On the ensuing field goal attempt, David Akers missed wide right, so they gave the ball back to Arizona. 

On the very next play, John Skelton hit Early Doucet in stride for a 60-yard touchdown that gave the Cards a 7-6 lead. 

San Francisco responded with a 10-play drive that ended in an Akers field goal to take the lead back at 9-7. Skelton was intercepted on the next series and the Niners drove the ball down the field to the goalline without being able to punch it in. The half ended on an Akers kick that made it 12-7.

Arizon is 0-5 on third down and have only two first downs. The defense is doing its job, but without any offensive production in the second half, it could get ugly.