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2011 Fantasy Football Rankings, Week 14: Beanie Wells Piloting Your Playoff Push

Who'd of thought. Somehow, someway, the Arizona Cardinals head into Week 14 of the NFL season having won four of their last five contests (ruining their draft stock in the process, but that's neither here nor there), and now look for revenge against the division-leading San Francisco 49ers. Between Frank Gore, Larry Fitzgerald, Beanie Wells, and Vernon Davis, there's guaranteed to be a tremendous amount at stake for your fantasy football playoff push during Sunday's game. With the help of, we've we've put together a comprehensive list of sit/start projections for this NFC West divisional matchup.


Larry Fitzgerald Projections: 4.39 receptions, 62.38 yards, 0.36 touchdowns, 8.66 fantasy points
Fitzgerald is just 57 receiving yards away from a franchise-record sixth straight 1,000-yard season. Expect him to get what he needs, plus a little extra, breaking his recent touchdown-less streak in the process.

Frank Gore Projections: 18.41 rushes, 85.60 yards, 0.62 touchdowns, 1.69 receptions, 12.79 receiving yards, 13.70 fantasy points
To be blunt, the chances of holding Frank Gore to consecutive down days are pretty slim. Arizona was able to contain Gore to just 88 yards in Week 11, but don't expect lightning to strike twice.

Beanie Wells Projections: 9.87 rushes, 43 yards, .39 touchdowns, 1.72 receptions, 17.14 receiving yards, 8.39 fantasy points
Beanie Wells has taken fantasy owners for a roller coaster ride this season. First he was great, then he was hurt, then he was great again, then he was hurt again, and now he's back to being great. My heart can't take it. Ultimately, this week is a bad match-up, but ride the hot hand for as long as it's there.


Kevin Kolb Projections: 187.02 passing yards, 1.14 touchdowns, .76 interceptions, 11.94 fantasy points
Kevin Kolb can't be trusted, especially in the midst of a playoff run. Simple as that. The fact that John Skelton got eaten alive by the 49ers defense the first time around doesn't really help matters either.

Alex Smith Projections: 239.32 passing yards, 1.44 touchdowns, 1.10 interceptions, 14.42 fantasy points
Crazily, the same cannot be said about Alex Smith. With him you know exactly what you're going to get. Solid double-digits numbers, perhaps a touchdown or two, and limited mistakes. Still, unless you're in emergency mode in a deep league, you can probably do better.

Vernon Davis Projections: 3.73 receptions, 41.83 yards, 0.34 touchdowns, 6.21 fantasy points
True, Vernon Davis had his second-biggest game of the season the first time around the Cardinals. Since then, however, Davis has been dropping passes, picked up an uncharacteristic fumble, and has yet to top the 40-yard mark. It's far too late in the season to pin your hopes on a player breaking out of such a significant slump.