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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire, Week 10: Early Doucet, Andrew Roberts Top Options

The Arizona Cardinals continue to struggle offensively, so if you really need a fantasy football offensive option from these guys, your team is probably in serious, serious trouble. That being said, if you just need to squeeze some points while one of your main starters is sitting out a bye week or is recovering from injury, there are some decent players to consider.

WR Early Doucet and WR Andre Roberts are coming off solid performances against the Rams; even if neither ended up hitting the end zone, you figure that with defenses focusing on Larry Fitzgerald, both of them become strong secondary options. 

With Beanie Wells dealing with injuries, either Alfonso Smith or LaRod Stephens-Howling can be stashed on your bench if Wells goes down. But really, neither of them should be used unless you really have no other options at running back, because you are likely to be sorely disappointed.

Finally, John Skelton is at QB while Kevin Kolb is hurt. Unless being directly responsible for safeties is a stat in your league, he's not really a fantasy option right now.

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