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Patrick Peterson: The Skills Of A Great Return Man

When Patrick Peterson came to the post-game press conference, he was still out of breath. And why should't he be? In one play, he ran 99-yards into Cardinal history and he ran the Cardinals out of a six-game losing streak.

He instantly became Ken Whisenhunt's new favorite player. "He's my new son, I just adopted him," said Whisenhunt about the rookie cornerback. Peterson said that Whisenhunt had some kind words to say to him after the thrilling OT victory. "He told me he loved me!" Said Peterson. "I told him that I loved him too!"

Most average NFL fans do not know what goes into a punt return touchdown. Peterson does not just simply take the ball and run around till he is in the endzone. "I always try to locate the ball and get a glimpse of both gunners," said Peterson. In overtime against the Rams, this was no different.

"I always look at the gunners first, and they were wide, and I knew the guys in the middle have to wait for the ball to be punted, and they are the slowest guys on the field, then I saw I had a chance."

Ken Whisenhunt knows when the ball is in Peterson's hands good things can happen. "He's just done too many things special," said Whisenhunt. The head coach knows that Peterson is a gifted return man. "He's got such great hand-eye coordination," said Whisenhunt. "He's got such a great feel, and he is definitely a force."

Whisenhunt still will not give Peterson the green light to field all punts at the one-yard line. "I want to be clear, we still got rules," said Whisenhunt. "It's not just Patrick go back there and field whatever you want to catch."

"It was gutsy," said Peterson about his choice to field a punt at his 1 in overtime. Peterson made a big play for a team that was desperately looking for something good to go its way. "Once I get the ball in my hands, I'm just trying to make a play for this team."