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Cardinals Vs. Rams Safety Update: One Is Bad, Two Is Very Bad (VIDEO)

The Arizona Cardinals have problems on all sides of the ball but their inability to avoid getting tackled in the end zone and giving up safeties was not one we focused on before the game. But there you have it, twice on two straight possessions the St. Louis Rams defense sacked John Skelton in the end zone and scored four points. At the end of the third quarter the total score in this 13-6 game is five field goals and two safeties. 

In other words, this is an ugly football game.

The Arizona Cardinals have a total of 150 yards offense with just 14 yards on the ground as the Rams defense is loading up in the box. Defensively, the Cardinals are giving up long drives but somehow finding a way to keep Sam Bradford and the Rams out of the end zone thanks in part to timely sacks. Calais Campbell has two sacks in the game himself.

Here's video of the first safety allowed by the Cardinals offensive line. Note how both Daryn Colledge and Levi Brown get beat by a guy they are double teaming. Well done, boys!

And here's safety number two. This time the pressure comes from the right side of the line.