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No Cardinals Make Midseason All-Pro Team, But Joey Porter is a Great Smack Talker

Well NFL fans, it's half way through the 2011-12 season and there have been a number of great story lines, though there haven't been many thus far for the Arizona CardinalsSports Illustrated's Peter King recently compiled his midseason all-pro team, which unfortunately was sans-Cardinals, though linebacker Joey Porter was recognized for his one of his special talents on the field, talking smack to his opponents

As part of Sports Illustrated's NFL mid-season review issue, players were asked a number of poll questions concerning their fellow players in the league. Players were asked who was the funniest trash-talker in the NFL, and Joey Porter made the list with a veritable who's who of smack talkers:

Who has the funniest trash talk on the field?

  1. Chad Ochocinco, Patriots WR.....28%
  2. Ray Lewis, Ravens LB.....11%
  3. Bart Scott, Jets LB.....6%
  4. Joey Porter, Cardinals LB.....5%
  5. Shaun Smith, Titans DT.....2%
(based on 265 NFL players who responded to survey)

Way to go Joey!, if only the play matched the talk.