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Patrick Peterson Notches 4th Punt Return Touchdown [Video]

Patrick Peterson now has four punt return touchdown which is tied for the NFL record. All of them have been for 80 yards or more, two have been against the St. Louis Rams and all four were in games called by broadcaster Sam Rosen.

Peterson took another back in the 3rd quarter of the Arizona Cardinals game versus the Rams on a long, high punt that gave Patrick time to gauge where the gunners were, catch the ball in the middle of the field and then go to town.

Patrick caught the ball and made a quick move to his right which fooled the closest defender. He then cut back to his left, slipped a bit on the turf, and took off right up the middle of the field. He got a solid up-field block from safety Sean Considine and the rest all speed.

The touchdown gave the Cardinals a 20-10 lead in the game.

Here's video of the play.

Why would any team kick the ball even close to him?