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Cardinals Vs. Rams Score Update: Wildcatting In St. Louis

The Arizona Cardinals did not get off to a good start. They failed to cover a punt properly and allowed the St. Louis Rams to score first on the return and then John Skelton airmailed an open Larry Fitzgerald for his first interception of the game on the next possession. The Cardinals trail 7-3 after the first quarter.

The Cardinals defense at least is once again bailing out John Skelton. They are handling Steven Jackson and getting pressure with rookie Sam Acho beating his man to force a sack fumble that Arizona was able to recover.

The Arizona offense went nowhere, however, but at least they got creative. On a second down, Patrick Peterson lined up and took the long snap on a Wildcat play but he fumbled the snap and was forced to fall on the ball. Just a bit anxious perhaps. The Rams tried a similar play with Jackson which was stuffed at the line. Sometimes there's a reason these trick plays aren't used very often.

Late in the quarter, Beanie Wells knocked off a 71-yard run to put Arizona in the red zone but Skelton (2-6) looks horrible and the Cards settle for field goal.

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Here's video of the Rams punt return touchdown: