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2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame Semifinalists: Aeneas Williams Lone Arizona Cardinals Nominee

Aeneas Williams of the Arizona Cardinals is one of the many Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalists for the 2012 class.

The Arizona Cardinals had one of the greatest defenders in NFL history in Aeneas Williams. Williams is one of the semifinalists up for the Class of 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame, and he's a worthy nomination for the category.

Williams was drafted by Arizona (then Phoenix) in 1991 and spent an entire decade as a Cardinal before he was traded to the St. Louis Rams to finish up his career. Williams enjoyed his greatest success in the league with the Cardinals as an outstanding cover corner. Williams made eight Pro Bowls and was a four time All-Pro selection. Arizona didn't have many excellent teams when he was starting for the Cardinals (only one winning season), but he did lead the team to their first ever playoff victory when they beat the Dallas Cowboys in 1998. He made his lone Super Bowl with the Rams at the tail end of his career, but they lost to the New England Patriots.

Here's to hoping Williams can be awarded with the ultimate honor an NFL player can receive.

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