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Kyle Orton To Arizona Cardinals? Doesn't Make Sense Now

Remember way back before the lockout ended and there were endless rumors about who the starting quarterback would be in 2011 for the Arizona Cardinals? There were debates and arguments about whether Kyle Orton, Kevin Kolb or someone else should be the target for the Cardinals. In the end, we know that Kevin Kolb was the guy as Arizona traded Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second round draft pick to bring him over. The results have not been ideal as Kolb has struggled in a new system and got hurt, posting a 1-6 record in his seven starts.

Now, as Orton was on their radar, there might be some interest in the eyes of fans for the latest news coming out of Denver on Tuesday. It has been reported that Orton has been waived by the Broncos and teams can claim him, paying him only the remainder of his $7.39 million salary, which would be $2.6 million.

Considering their struggles and their continued problems at quarterback, should the Cardinals considering claiming him?

At this point, it really doesn't make sense.

At 3-7, Arizona is certainly not looking for a guy who can push them over the edge to get into the playoffs. Plus, Orton certainly should not be considered the guy to do it. While he has had an under-talented team around him, he has posted only a 4-14 record as a starter since the start of last season.

His contract expires at the end of the season, so he would not be providing long-term security at the position. He will likely be looking for a starting job in the offseason, only settling to sign for a backup's contract if he can't get starter's money.

Since the Cardinals committed $63 million over five years to Kolb (although they can get out after two years without too much of a financial hit), they will not be in the market for a starting QB. They have made their bed with Kolb and should be committed to him.

We also have seen how not having experience in the Cardinals offense has led to struggles. While Orton may be better suited for the offensive scheme than Kolb at the moment, he does not know the playbook. No one could reasonable expect any better result than what has already been seen.

Consider all of this, and we have not even mentioned John Skelton in this conversation. The team still thinks highly of him and if they were going to have someone challenge Kolb for the job, it is going to be him -- a guy they drafted and developed, and has shown some potential.

Kyle Orton last offseason? That would not have been a terrible move. Things certainly could not be much worse with him starting than how things have thus far turned out in 2011.

Kyle Orton now? No...there really is no upside now or later.

Where will he end up? It won't likely be here, nor should it be. That's really all that matters.