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Kyle Orton Waived By Denver Broncos, Should Arizona Cardinals Pounce?

The Denver Broncos waived veteran quarterback Kyle Orton in an apparent sign of total faith in the golden arm (legs) of Tim Tebow. By placing Orton on waivers, the Bronco's can save approximately $2.5 million in salary for this season according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.  

There are a few teams with injured starting quarterbacks that could jump on the Orton Train. The Chicago Bears will be without Jay Cutler due to a thumb injury. They don't yet know how long he'll be out. The irony would not be lost on anyone if the Bears did land Orton since they traded him to Denver for Cutler in 2009.

The Houston Texans also lost their starting quarterback, Matt Schaub, with a foot injury. He could be out for the season. They are planning on turning over the team to Matt Leinart, but as a playoff contender the Texans might opt for Orton's experience.

That brings us to the Arizona Cardinals who have their own quarterback situation with Kevin Kolb not playing well before going down with the foot injury three weeks ago. John Skelton hasn't exactly torn the doors off with his play in a backup role. 

There will certainly be Cardinals fans who would like to see what Orton could do. Many felt he was a better option than Kolb in the offseason and it will likely be those same people that want to see him in Cardinals red and white now even though Kolb is expected back at some point this season.

Orton, 29, has 66 career starts with a 33-33 win/loss record as a quarterback. He's known as a guy who stands in the pocket and can make throws. He's also not been able to generate a lot of love from the teams he's played for and lost his Broncos job to a QB who's greatest strengths are intangibles and running the ball.

The Cardinals would ahead of the Bears and Texans to claim Orton in the waiver process based on their poor record. 

But does it make sense for the 3-7 Cardinals to create even more quarterback turmoil and take on Orton's salary at this point in the season? What message would it send to Kolb if they picked up Orton now?

Between the cost and potential upheaval, it doesn't seem likely given the way the Cardinals have reacted in the past that they would go after Orton...but you never know.