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Larry Fitzgerald Week 11 Fantasy Update

The Arizona Cardinals did not produce much on offense this week. They managed only 229 yards of offense and about half of them came with the 49ers already up 23-0 and having the game well in hand. John Skelton struggled mightily and completed only one of every three passes he attempted.

Thus, you'd expect that Larry Fitzgerald wouldn't have a great afternoon. Indeed, Skelton only found Fitzgerald twice on the day, and one of those catches were for zero yards. Still, it managed to be serviceable when Fitzgerald logged the only touchdown in garbage time as Richard Bartel took over at quarterback, and he managed to slip between two Niners defenders into the Cardinals WR's hands. So if you had the Cardinals WR, it turned out to be an okay day, with three receptions for 41 yards and a touchdown.

Fitzgerald is still a must start regardless for the Cardinals because the QBs do continue to target him often.

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