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Cardinals Vs. 49ers Score Update: San Francisco Defense Dominating

The Arizona Cardinals miraculously still in this football game. They blocked two field goals and saw the San Francisco 49ers miss another which helped negate two turnovers and very little offensive production. The defense certainly has done their part and then some to keep it a 9-0 game in favor of the eight-win 49ers.

John Skelon is 4-13 with 36 yards, one sack and one interception against the stingy defense of the Niners. Beanie Wells broke off a few decent runs early but has just 20 yards on just six carries at the half. The offense has been on the field for just 8:25, compared to 21:35 for the 49ers.

San Francisco hasn't punted the ball once but they also haven't been able to convert red zone trips into touchdowns. That, combined with three missed FG chances are why the Cardinals are even in this game.

That will change quickly, however, if Skelton and the Cardinals offense can't put some drives together and keep their defense off their field.