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Larry Fitzgerald Fantasy Projection: Worth Starting Against 49ers

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald had been waiting to have his breakout game all season until it finally arrived last Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, and will be looking to do the same this Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers

Fitz wound up with 7 catches for 146 yards and two touchdowns out in Philly last week, his best game thus far in 2011. Larry always seems to get up to play the 49ers, too hauling in 125 yards and a TD in their last meeting in January. But it's going to be a soggy one at Candlestick Park this afternoon, and the Niners defense really only has one devastating player to account for, and thats Fiz. 

The Eagles secondary has been heralded as one of the better ones on paper, but in reality, the Niners secondary has been just as dominant. They currently are first in the league in pases defended,  and Fitzgerald will definitely be seeing a few of those. 

Our friends over at numberfire have Larry projected to earn 12.26 points with 5.32 receptions and 80.86 yards with 0.68 touchdowns meaning he could possibly score one but don't count on it. Hey, 12 poitns is 12 points, and I have a feeling he'll do better than that this afternoon, so make sure he's in your lineup if you got him.