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2012 NFL Pro Bowl Results: Arizona Cardinals Have Only Larry Fitzgerald In Contention

Larry Fitzgerald is the only real option as a Pro Bowl player for the Arizona Cardinals this season. Fitzgerald is on the fringe of NFC Pro Bowl voting right now behind Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings and Steve Smith.

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The Arizona Cardinals have struggled through the 2011 season, and no one on either side of the football has really stood out. Well, except for one.

It should be no surprise the Cardinals only have one man in contention right now to make it to the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl. It should be no surprise that his identity is one Larry Fitzgerald, perhaps still one of the most talented recievers in the NFL today. Fitzgerald is currently fourth among all receivers in all votes in the NFC, trailing Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions, Greg Jennings of the Green Bay Packers, and Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers.

Unfortunately Fitzgerald is stuck in a very difficult position, as he has two average quarterbacks in Kevin Kolb and John Skelton throwing to him. Still, the Cardinals receiver is putting up impressive numbers regardless, racking up 45 catches and 792 yards plus five touchdowns despite not being in the most ideal passing offense.

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