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John Skelton Starting On Sunday Against 49ers Is Best Option For Kevin Kolb's Future

There has been a lot of talk over the past couple of weeks of the so-called quarterback controversy there is. Kevin Kolb, before going down with a trio of injuries that include turf toe, ligament damage and a bone bruise was 1-6. John Skelton in relief has won two games in a row and has "looked better" in terms of comfort in the offense and poise in the pocket.

With the news out of practice on Wednesday that, based on how Kolb was walking around gingerly, it looks unlikely that he will be healthy enough to play on Sunday against their division rivals, it means Skelton will get yet another start and a chance to add fuel to the fire of the talks of keeping him at the helm even once Kolb gets back. 

It turns out that this is probably the best scenario for the whole "controversy" (in quotations because there really is no controversy because Kolb still isn't even healthy enough to play.


It sets up both quarterbacks rather well. Skelton's two wins can be attributed to Calais Campbell, Patrick Peterson and the entire team defense. Skelton did throw for over 300 yards and three TDs, something that had not been done by an Arizona QB in the season and a half since Kurt Warner retired, but threw a pair of terrible interceptions in the process that could have cost the game and a third ball that probably should have been a pick-six. 

By having Skelton start against one of the league's elite teams and possibly the toughest defense in the game, he will get a chance to either show that he is ready to start and have a strong performance or that he is yet an inconsistent young player who had the benefit of a great team effort behind him. 

On the other hand, if Kolb were to come back and play, and play poorly (which is always a possibility against a team like the 49ers), it would have simply been like tossing gasoline on an open flame. Fans would be ready to send Kolb and his $63 million contract out of town. 

Assuming that Skelton has some struggles against the Niners and Kolb comes back next week, he would go up against the two-win Rams in his return. It would be the perfect situation because of the decimated secondary that the Rams have had, giving Kolb the best first start to show some success and prove to fans that his struggles have been because of the level of teams he played, among other things. 

The Cardinals as a franchise can ill afford to have the Kevin Kolb move backfire. They went all in to acquire him. They need to see if he will be the guy they want him to be. They want him to be successful. 

Oddly enough, having him start this week could possibly impede that. So Skelton it will likely be and a much clearer picture about the Cardinals QB situation will be created on Sunday.