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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire, Week 11: John Skelton, Jay Feely, Early Doucet Decent Cardinals Options

The Arizona Cardinals play the San Francisco 49ers this weekend, which probably means that you should avoid using any of their players as your backup fantasy football options. That is, unless you're really comfortable in Arizona scoring a dramatic upset this weekend and believe the Cardinals can move the ball on a strong 49ers defense.

For the Cardinals, quarterback John Skelton is worth a look against a shaky 49ers secondary. 49ers secondary doesn't give up a lot of points, but does give up decent passing yards. Early Doucet is a decent option as he had a touchdown against the Eagles as well. But the thought of either player getting a lot of touchdowns is unlikely. Use them as backup options if you have no one else to rely on in your fantasy depth chart.

Otherwise, there's not a whole lot really there to pick up for this weekend. Kicker Jay Feely is an option if you think the Cardinals offense can put up yards but can't finish drives. Otherwise it might be best to stay away.

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