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Cardinals Vs. Eagles Score Update: Two Missed Feely FGs Leave Score Tied

The Arizona Cardinals got off to a good start on both sides of the ball. They got stops on the Philadelphia Eagles first three drives. Offensively, they moved the ball 45 yards on eight plays before Jay Feely missed a 35-yard field goal on an early drive. Later in the first quarter, after John Skelton put together a 49-yard drive, Feely missed a second field goal, this time from 43 yards. Instead of being up 6-0, the Cardinals are tied with the Eagles with no score after the first 15 minutes of play.

The energy on defense looked good for Arizona and offensively the Cardinals got a mix of rush and pass with Beanie Wells going only five yards but he did get eight carriers which should pay off later in the game. John Skelton, making his second start of the season in place of an injured Kevin Kolb, threw for 69 yards on 4-9 including a 42 completion to Larry Fitzgerald.

The Eagles dynamic quarterback, Michael Vick, has been well-contained by the defense and has missed several open receivers. He's only thrown for 21 yards on 3-9 and has nine yard rushing. LeSean McCoy has 26 yards on four carries. 

The Cardinals have played well but are going to regret the two missed scoring opportunities.