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Fantasy Football Rankings, Week 10: Michael Vick And LeSean McCoy Prepare To Feast

The Arizona Cardinals travel to Philadelphia for Week 10 of the NFL season, hoping to sustain their momentum after rallying off one of the most dramatic wins in recent franchise history. Between Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, Larry Fitzgerald, and Beanie Wells, Sunday's game is guaranteed have a tremendous impact on your fantasy football league. With the help of, we've we've put together a comprehensive list of sit/start projections for this primetime NFL matchup.


Michael Vick Projections: 238.24 passing yards, 1.36 touchdowns, 1.06 interceptions, 39.24 rushing yard, .18 rushing touchdowns, 17.75 fantasy points
We'll keep this short and sweet. Michael Vick will feast on the nonexistent Arizona pass rush. You couldn't "start" this pick any harder if you tried.

Larry Fitzgerald Projections: 4.25 receptions, 64.06 yards, 0.34 touchdowns, 8.55 fantasy points
This is a hesitant start at best. We all know what Fitz is capable of, but we also know that John Skelton isn't the most ideal option to be on the opposite end of the QB/WR relationship. The matchup against Nnamdi Asomugha isn't what you'd hope for, but Fitzgerald could be in line for another three-catch, 51 yards, one touchdown day.

LeSean McCoy Projections: 17.00 rushes, 85.98 yards, 0.58 touchdowns, 3.61 receptions, 33.03 receiving yards, 15.94 fantasy points
Lesean McCoy was good last season. This season, he's an absolute monster. The 23-year-old is the top scoring non-QB in the entire NFL and the gravy train doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. Benching him would be silly.


John Skelton Projections: 141.50 passing yards, .53 touchdowns, .80 interceptions, 9.39 fantasy points
If last week did anything, it was confirm that John Skelton is who we thought he was (sorry Denny). The second-year man from Fordham ended the day with solid fantasy numbers, but the performance didn't exactly inspire confidence, to say the least. The Philly defense can be soft at times, but I just don't see Skelton getting the better of Nnamdi and his crew.

Beanie Wells Projections: 14.80 rushes, 59.31 yards, 0.56 touchdowns, 2.62 receptions, 20.06 receiving yards, 11.36 fantasy points
Beanie Wells makes no sense. Huge day against the vaunted Ravens defense. Abysmal day against the Charmin-soft Rams front-seven. Until he can start to regain some of his early season consistency, I'm not buying on Wells.

Jeremy Maclin Projections: 5.19 receptions, 71.08 yards, 0.50 touchdowns, 10.31 fantasy points
Through eight games it appears this is the season Jeremy Maclin finally makes the leap to "top-shelf fantasy receiver". The 23-year-old has emerged as a far more consistent weekly threat than his pal DeSean Jackson, and is leading the Eagles in receiving yards to boot. Still, something about the way Patrick Peterson played last week makes me leery. I want no part of a hot rookie in the midst of a breakout run.