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John Skelton Could Start Against Rams If Kevin Kolb Turf Toe Injury Lingers

The Arizona Cardinals (1-6) are in the midst of a brutal season with losses mounting and fingers pointing. Players and coaches alike have received blame for this season's slow start, and some fans may get their wish to see another man besides Kevin Kolb at quarterback on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

Kolb is dealing with a turf toe injury that could sideline him for Sunday's game. If he isn't able to play, second-year player John Skelton will get the start. The young man started the last four games of the season last year as a rookie, passing for no more than 196 yards in any one game. He managed to throw two touchdowns and two interceptions during that span.

A section of the Arizona fanbase just wants change in the line-up, and quarterback may be the most obvious place to start. Coming off of their sixth straight loss, some new blood could do the Cardinals some good.

If Skelton does start on Sunday, he will be in one of the best spots to succeed. The Rams (1-6) have also struggled mightily this season after sustaining several injuries. Though St. Louis is coming off of a 31-21 victory home victory over the New Orleans Saints last week, the two teams could find themselves in an evenly matched NFC West contest on Sunday.