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2011 Fantasy Football Week 5 Start/Sit: Will Beanie Wells Have Another Great Week Against Minnesota?

The Arizona Cardinals didn't envision themselves getting out of the gate at 1-3, but they'll have a decent chance at getting a W this Sunday against the 0-4 Minnesota Vikings. Both teams haven't had much go there way this season yet, but could turn it around up at the Metrodome this weekend or stay on track from the "Suck for Luck' campaign. 


Beanie Wells projections: 18.84 rushing attempts for 69.59 yards and 0.52 touchdowns for 11.25 total fantasy points.

Analysis: Beanie broke out against the Giants last week, though numberfire doesn't exactly see him doing the same against Minnesota. That being said, Wells is the lynchpin of the offense right now and Minnesota's defense isn't quite what it used to be (check out the record), leading me to believe that Beanie will have another effective day for your squad.

Larry Fitzgerald projections: 5.26 receptions for 73.50 yards and 0.48 TD's for 10.27 total fantasy points.

Anaylsis: Even though I've decided to bench his QB, Fitz will be nabbing some balls over the Vikings heads this Sunday for sure. Larry didn't have a TD last week, but aside from Fitz and Beanie the offense is rather stagnent, and options are very limited. Look for some points from him, but not a whole lot. 


Kevin Kolb projections: 170.27 passing yards, 0.94 pass TD's, 0.64 INT's, 9.75 rushing yards, 10.99 total points. 

Analysis: Kolb hasn't been the Kurt Warner that the team had been looking for yet, and don't expect him to come out of his cocoon against the Vikings this weekend either. His projected numbers are down from last week against a worse defense, so that has to say something. If he's your best option at QB, I'd hand over my fantasy league money now, or find myself a new starter. 

Cardinals Defense projections: 25.03 points allowed, 2.16 sacks, 1.82 TO's, 0.15 TD's. 

Analysis: These numbers aren't bad for the Cardinals D, though they are ranked 18th by numberwire. I have a sinking feeling that the Vikings are going to be a tough team to beat this week as Donovan McNabb looks to get his first win in the Purps. If you have another D or there's one available, you might want to sideline Arizona for the week.