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Kevin Kolb, Beanie Wells And Other Cardinals Injury News

The Arizona Cardinals are 1-6 and the season has officially (not actually official) turned towards the future. The goal (unofficially) isn't getting into the playoffs as much as it is getting better and building for next season. A big part of that -- really the biggest part -- is Kevin Kolb.

The Cardinals invested a lot in Kolb and so far he's not delivering. They are far from giving up on him but with nine games left in the season it sure would be nice to see some improvement. Unfortunately, an injury to his big toe might limit that.

Kolb suffered "turf toe" on the first play off Sunday's game in Baltimore. Turf toe is just another name for a sprain to the big toe that often happens to athletes when they are tackled and their shoe catches in the turf and the toe is bent backwards too far. 

Like most ligament sprains, it comes with swelling and pain and reduced mobility. Kolb played through it and according to coach Ken Whisenhunt likely felt pain when trying to push off and throw. Kolb isn't sure about his status for next Sunday's game against the Rams.

"Just day by day...Right now just try and get the swelling out and the pain a little bit. As the week goes on get more and more movement and see what my body allows me to do," Kolb said Monday.

In addition to Kolb's big toe, running back Beanie Wells is dealing with a knee injury that neither he, nor the team are willing to put a name to. Wells had 22 caries for 83 yards against the very good Ravens defense on Sunday. He said after the game his knee would likely be an issue for the rest of the season which makes us wonder if he will end up needing surgery once the season is over.

Other injuries coming out of Sunday's game were to rookies FB Anthony Sherman (ankle) and TE Rob Housler (groin).

The lack of Housler's speed on offense was missed and his status for next week is unknown. Whisenhunt was confident that TE Todd Heap (hamstring) would be back and called him "close" and indicated that he almost was able to play this past Sunday in Baltimore.

With so much defensive attention paid to Larry Fitzgerald, the Cardinals need Heap back in for the offense.