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Cardinals Vs. Ravens: Arizona Recap By The Numbers

Okay, so that one was kind of a heartbreaker. The Arizona Cardinals were all set to pull off a big upset after leading for almost the entire game against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens came all the way back and won it with a field goal at the last second. The last thing you want to do is thing about that game any more than you have to, am I right? Here are the key numbers from Sunday's 30-27 loss.

Surprisingly, although the Cardinals dominated the first half of the game, they had fewer total yards, passing yards, total plays, and nearly half as many first downs as did the Ravens (17 first down as opposed to 30). In spite of all that, the Cardinals had more time of possession (by 0:30 or so, but still, surprising).

The Cardinals only had one turnover compared to Baltimore's two, and only the Cardinals contributed a defensive or special teams touchdown (Patrick Peterson's 82 yard punt return).

Although in the early going it certainly looked like Ravens QB Joe Flacco was gearing up for one of the worst performances in a long while, he ended up with much gaudier numbers than Kevin Kolb. Kolb was 10-for-21 on the day with 98 passing yards, a touchdown and an interception. He finished with a 68.2 passer rating. Although Flacco threw an interception and no touchdowns, he ended up 31-for-51 with 298 passing yards.

Larry Fitzgerald had three catches for 98 total yards, largely thanks to a 66 yarder. Beanie Wells led Cardinals rushers with 22 carries for 83 yards.

If you feel like dwelling on the game further, your fellow Cardinals fans can be reached at Revenge Of The Birds.