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Beanie Wells Thinks He Will Play Against Ravens On Sunday

Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells injured his knee on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers and left the game with only 42 receiving yards on 12 carries. The extent of Wells' injury is not known with any certainty at this point, but Wells himself thinks that he will play against the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday.

According to John Boes of Arizona Sports, Wells had this to say about his injury on Tuesday: "It's just a matter of controlling the swelling. It's just a day by day thing. Hopefully I'm out there on Sunday and I personally think I will be."

Wells' optimism is positive news for Cardinals fans and fantasy football owners alike, but Wells has said in similar situations in the past that he would play despite injuries and has instead been forced to sit on Sundays.

The Cardinals will proceed cautiously with Wells since the team is already thin at running back and doesn't want to jeopardize their featured runner. Alfonso Smith and LaRod Stephens-Howling both saw action on Sunday against the Steelers after Wells went out, but the Cardinals would like to use the duo on a limited, as-needed basis only.

More news will trickle in about Wells as the week goes on. The amount of practice that Wells manages on Wednesday and his status on the team's injury report could go a long way in determining his availability for this weekend.