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NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: ESPN, Sportsline Both Drop Cardinals

Just a long line of disappointment in the Arizona Cardinals. The flaws that were supposed to be the only roadblocks to them getting back into the playoff hunt by competing for the NFC West crown are still hindering the team's success, especially at quarterback. Kevin Kolb was supposed to be the answer but as of now, he remains the biggest question.

And all the major sites agree.

CBS Sportsline put the Cardinals at no. 29, same spot as last week. They were the only ones to point out Kolb while still recognizing that he isn't the only issue with the team. The Cardinals being this low in the rankings is a surprise to them due to the expecatations coming into the season.

ESPN noted just how specific coach Ken Whisenhunt has become in trying to figure out what is wrong with Kolb. ESPN found enough wrong to drop the Cardinals from no. 26 to no. 29 in their rankings.

SBNation's disappointment is known. The Cardinals were a team thought to be in the thick of things once Kolb arrived. Now, it's nothing but frowns as they continue to tumble down the rankings no. 25 to no. 27.

The Cardinals are no longer benefitting from the benefit of the doubt.