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2011 Fantasy Football Rankings, Week 7: Start Beanie Wells And Larry Fitzgerald

Week 7 of the NFL season is here and the Arizona Cardinals are sitting pretty with a 1-4 record. While the slow start isn't exactly what we hoped for in the Valley, the team can still maintain some relevance in the 2011 fantasy football campaign. This week the Redbirds travel home to host the defending AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers, who are in the midst of a 4-1 run over the last five weeks. A Redbird victory may not be in the cards, but that doesn't mean Larry Fitzgerald, Beanie Wells, and Co. can't help out in the push for your league's title. Like always, we here at SB Nation Arizona have put together a helpful compendium of rankings, projections, and analysis of which Cardinals to sit and which to start as the Steel Curtain heads into town.


Beanie Wells Projections: 12.75 rushes, 54.37 yards, 0.26 touchdowns, 2.76 receptions, 27.14 receiving yards, 9.79 fantasy points
File this one under things we didn't expect to say two months ago -- Beanie Wells is the entire Arizona Cardinals' offense. The 23-year-old has been stellar all season, scoring a touchdown in every game while amassing at least 12 fantasy points per week. If the Cardinals are going to hit the scoreboard against Pittsburgh, it'll most likely be through Wells. Start him at all costs.

Larry Fitzgerald Projections: 4.48 receptions, 66.16 yards, 0.44 touchdowns, 9.53 fantasy points
Larry Fitzgerald gets a starting nod in name only this week. No opposing wideout has topped 82 yards against the repowered Steelers secondary thus far in the season, and with the Redbirds' anemic offensive flashes drifting farther and farther apart, the chances of Fitzgerald being the one to break through seems slim. Then again, the moment you count him out, Fitz will bust out for 30 points. When in doubt, roll with your stars.


Kevin Kolb Projections: 155.72 passing yards, 0.99 touchdowns, 0.74 interceptions, 10.95 fantasy points
The Steelers have stifled opposing quarterbacks to the tune of 8.92 fantasy points per game since Joe Flacco's week one explosion, becoming the number one pass defense throughout the NFL in the process. At the same time, Kolb has yet to top seven points in either of his last two starts. Unless you're a gambler, stay away from this situation.

Early Doucet Projections: 1.77 receptions, 25.41 yards, .21 touchdowns, 3.98 fantasy points
With the way the Steelers secondary is blowing teams out of the water, it's difficult to recommend any wide receiver lining up against them not named Larry Fitzgerald. Doucet's four game streak without a touchdown reception doesn't exactly help matters. Start him at your own risk.

Jeff King Projections: 1.66 receptions, 21.33 yards, .17 touchdowns, 3.12 fantasy points
It finally happened. Todd Heap fell so far out of favor that he was supplanted by the spectacular Jeff King in the rankings. King, by the way, is expected to grab a whopping one catch. Decimals don't count. Does that mean two catches would be a good day?

Cardinals Defense Projections: 22.83 points allowed, 1.84 sacks, 1.74 turnovers, .12 touchdowns, 6.07 fantasy points
The Pittsburgh Steelers have given up a scant five fantasy points over the last two weeks to opposing defenses. Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals defense has collected just six fantasy points in the same time period. Either one of these trends alone would be worrisome. Together, there couldn't be a bigger red flag.

Jay Feely Projections: 0.61 field goals, 1.32 extra points, 3.38 fantasy points
Here's how far the Cardinals' offensive stock has fallen -- their kicker isn't even projected to get one whole field goal. This is ridiculous. It's a depressing thought, but isn't it starting to look like 2010 all over again.

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