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Cardinals Vs. Steelers: Is It Game Time Yet? And Todd Heap Injury Update

After 10 days with no games, there's little else the Arizona Cardinals have left to say. That's in large part because there's little else the media can think of to ask. For example, Ken Whisenhunt was asked if there's any different vibe playing against a team like Pittsburgh. 

"That (the fact they are a good football team) coupled with the fact that we played them a couple of years ago in the Super Bowl adds a little bit more excitement to this game. No question," Whisenhunt revealed. 

How is it to keep trying to get Larry Fitzgerald the ball?

"It's always been that way when you've got a good football player. No matter what's going on you're trying to find ways to get him the ball."

Anything different about Steelers defense?

"No. They're pretty good. You look at them statistically and they are a pretty good football team. The thing that's impressive about them is they do it with different guys. They've had some guys that have been injured and some guys have stepped up. I don't notice anything different."

For the record, the Steelers defense is second in the NFL against the pass, 20th against the run and fifth overall in opponent's scoring.

Other notes:

  • Adrian Wilson feel behind in training camp with the arm injury and he's a lot more comfortable now. He doesn't seem to be impacted at all by the injury.
  • The Steelers running game relies on big backs who are hard to tackle. "They do a good job of extending the runs. A lot of times you think they're bottled up and they stay and they work their feet and they find a hole and they get through it."
  • The Cardinals are 23-31-3 against the Steelers and 15-10-2 at home. Their last win came on September 30, 2007. Their first meeting was September 27, 1933 (Steelers won, 14-13).
  • Todd Heap (hamstring) is still a game-time decision. If he can't go, there's a lot of confidence in rookie Rob Housler although he's still a young player (being a rookie and all).