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Arizona Cardinals/New York Giants At Halftime: Missed Opportunities Lead To Giants 10-6 Lead

The Arizona Cardinals started the game against the New York Giants with some great defensive work. They also had some offensive success, but because of missed opportunities, they had to settle for a pair of Jay Feely field goals. 

With the first offensive possession of the game, Calais Campbell forced a fumble that Arizona recovered. However, the offense could not move the ball and settled with a field goal. 

Another two trips to the red zone for the Cardinals ended in disappointing fashion. One ended in a Kevin Kolb fumble, who was hit by Osi Umenyiora and lost the ball, but tried to scoop it up and run with it instead of falling on it. 

The other trip was when they marched down the field 80 yards. After a nine-yard run by Beanie Wells there was an incomplete pass and then Wells was stuffed on third and one. Feely hit another field goal.

Unfortunately after that, the Arizona defense was unable to keep the Giants offense in check. New York responded with a 10-play, 69 yard drive that ended with an Ahmad Bradshaw touchdown run. 

New York added a field goal at the end of the half when Arizona had a terrible offensive sequence in which they ran the ball to keep the clock moving, did not hurry to get a play off, only to have Kolb throw the ball away on third down to stop the clock and then have to punt to the Giants instead of having more time run off. 

On the bright side, the Arizona defense is not playing terribly and Beanie Wells is running well -- 12 carries for 54 yards. 

The game is very much in reach, but plays will have to be made and the mental errors will need to be minimized. 

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