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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: ESPN Moves The Cards Up Two Spots, Sportsline Has Them Stay Put

The Arizona Cardinals continue to flounder in mediocrity as the season progresses without them. Coming off a bye week gave the Cardinals time to mull over their deficiencies but what awaits them is a Steelers team that is playing angry.

So much for a return present.

So with the bye week, ESPN sits as the only site willing to move the Cardinals up in their Power Rankings even though they didn’t play, while SBNation and CBS Sportsline kept them stationary.

ESPN ranked the 1-4 Cardinals at no. 28 last week but moved them up to no. 26, referencing the Cardinals return home after the bye but the tough game awaiting them against the Steelers.

Sportsline almost went as far to say the season is over in Arizona and it’s Kevin Kolb’s fault. Yikes. The Cards still sit at no. 28 in their rankings.

And SBNation conceded that having the Cards as a preseason favorite in the NFC West has proven to be an incorrect prediction, even this early in the season, as the Cards sit at no. 25 in their rankings.