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Michael Bidwill Still Believes In Ken Whisenhunt, Kevin Kolb

The Arizona Cardinals have been faced with a tough season so far. Between tough losses to the Washington Redskins and New York Giants and last week's blowout loss against the Minnesota Vikings, the Cardinals sit at an abysmal 1-4. Despite the record, team president Michael Bidwill still thinks that the Cardinals can put it all together.

Regarding head coach Ken Whisenhunt, Bidwill had this to say on Wednesday via XTRA Sports 910: "Having spent as much time with Ken since seeing him in the locker room after Minnesota and we spent a little bit of time later this afternoon on a better sense of where we are, there is no question in my mind Ken Whisenhunt will get this turned around."

That's good news for the Cardinals, who appear to still have plenty of hope for this season. Bidwill may be trying to deflect some of the attention to other members of the Cardinals organization, but all-in-all you have to believe that Whisenhunt does have Bdiwill's trust in the near future. That may change if things continue as they are, but as of right now the Cardinals are confident in the abilities of their head coach.

Bidwill also reinforced his thoughts on Kevin Kolb: "You've got to have great quarterback play to win and that is what the expectations are." Kolb is learning what it takes to be a starting quarterback in his first season as a Cardinal and will continue to grow as the season progresses. That being said, he will need to start translating his play into wins along the way in order to ensure that the team and the fan base doesn't abandon its hope in him.

Right now, the Cardinals sit at an interesting juncture. They are off this week on a bye but then return against strong competition in the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. Wins in those games could restore the organization's momentum as the 2011 season continues.