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AUDIO: Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt Displeased

The Arizona Cardinals are foundering at the dreaded position of last place in the NFC West, and therefore perceived as last place in the NFL. So it makes sense that their head coach would come on and publicly call out his team for their performance on 620 KTAR Radio in Phoenix. It wasn't the most vicious of callouts, but it was clearly an indicator that Whisenhunt is not pleased with the way his team is playing, and they need to start raising their level of play soon.

Whisenhunt particularly talked about the way his quarterback Kevin Kolb is performing, and how he needs to improve. After the jump, you can read some of his thoughts.

How did Kevin Kolb play in your opinion in this game? 

"I think it’s hard to judge it based on the number of tipped balls that happened early because that puts a bad assessment of what the whole day was. He was going to the right place. He had open receivers. Let’s face it if you want to be 100% truthful the first ball of the game was open. We threw it and we dropped it. That’s not Kevin’s fault and sometimes those plays early in games make the difference for you."

Clearly the Cardinals head coach knows that soon fingers will be pointed in his direction. Then it's unclear who he can fall back on. And by the way, that first ball of the day that was dropped by Larry Fitzgerald.

Read some more of the Whisenhunt transcript by clicking here. Listen to the Whisenhunt interview by clicking here.

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