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Jim Harbaugh Overshadowing NFL Playoffs And BCS Championship Game

Jim Harbaugh, please just make a decision or keep your mouth shut.

There is nothing more annoying in sports than when off-field nonsense takes attention from the field, court, or diamond. Whether it be Alex Rodriguez announcing he was opting out of his contract during the 2007 World Series, LeBron James holding court with Larry King during the NBA Finals, or now Jim Harbaugh overshadowing the NFL Playoffs and BCS Championship Game.

Honestly, Jim Harbaugh, just make a decision already. Stop leaking you might be going to this place, or that place, or another place we haven't heard of yet. When you make a decision, inform us and we would all appreciate it. What happened to respecting the game like you told us all to do after your Orange Bowl victory?

Think about the upcoming sporting events in the next four days with the NFL Wild Card Weekend, plus BCS National Title Game, and my Twitter feed, TV, and radio are consumed with Harbaugh rumors. There are storylines everywhere and I only hear about the all mighty Harbaugh.

I would rather hear about Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll reunited on the same field; Michael Vick back in the playoffs; Aaron Rodgers trying to lose the can't-win-the-big-game mantra; Sanchez vs. Manning; the Kansas City Chiefs back in the playoffs for the first time since 2006; Joe Flacco trying to prove he isn't the most overrated young QB in the NFL; or Cam Newton trying to become the second straight Heisman Trophy winner to lead his team to a National Title.    

A decision will come soon enough and a NFL team or college will have one heck of a football coach. What Harbaugh has done in four years at Stanford is an incredible feat, but Jim, just like you told us, please respect the game and let me enjoy a football season that is coming to a close.