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Impending NFL Lockout Forcing Arizona Cardinals Player To Buy Cheap Pizza?

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We all know that NFL players are paid well for what they do. But not every player is Larry Fitzgerald or Darnell Dockett. Not every player makes millions. Take Steve Breaston for example. Of all the Arizona Cardinals, he has provided arguably the best value for what he has done on the field. He has had a 1,000-yard season at receiver. He has returned punts and became the No. 2 receiver last season -- all while making less than $500,000. But without a new deal yet and with the NFL work stoppage staring these players in the face, things are going to get a little tight.

Just Tuesday, Breaston was found to be "slumming" with the poor folk like us. His tweet:

Hot n ready.. .. Can't beat it now, couldn't beat it in college... Pizza pizza!

We all know this fine pizza establishment and its $5 pies. When it comes to value, it's the macaroni and cheese or Top Ramen of takeout food.

But to see an NFL player having to go that route seems just wrong, especially when other pizza places offer the good stuff. You have to wonder if part of the reason is doing his part now to make it through the lockout when he won't be getting paid even his meager salary (by NFL standards).

Do we need to worry about Stevie Phantom (one of his pseudonyms) in these hard NFL times? It doesn't look like it, based on his next tweet:

Trust, saving didn't start today RT @happytrappedfan: $5 pizza- must be saving $ for lockout RT @SBreaston15: Hot n ready... Pizza pizza!

Good! Maybe it was just a case of eating something familiar and available. After all, where else can you walk in and just grab a whole hot pizza when you're hungry without having to wait?

Come to think of it, if all NFL players were to save their money as if there were an impending lockout every year, they would never ever have money problems for the rest of their lives. There would be no more talk of bankrupt former football players or guys blowing through their fortune. That would be good for everyone.

In any case, even if Breaston wasn't going out of necessity, don't be too surprised to see your local Arizona Cardinals players showing up to places like these over the course of the next few months. It may be all they can afford.